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Before we get into mastering the DJ’s craft, it’s important to get a clear understanding of what a DJ actually is and what he or she does. It’s all the more necessary if you take into account all the myths and delusions surrounding the craft of the person behind the decks. In this... Full article »
By definition, DJing is all about manipulating recorded sound. Thus in order to DJ properly, you need to be familiar with the sound equipment DJs use and be able to handle it well. The special features that the DJs need to do their job separate DJ gear into a category of its own. DJ equipment is... Full article »
Like 50 years ago, the essence of a DJ’s job is to play recorded tracks for the folks on the dancefloor. The traits that separate real good DJs from the rest remain the same, too: their musical taste, the ability to read the dancefloor and to create that special atmosphere with their music.... Full article »
The DJ's craft is everything that goes beyond knowing your equipment and possessing the necessary technical skills. It begins when you graduate from your bedroom and start playing real gigs. In this part of the website, I’m talking about how to break free of that bedroom confinement, the... Full article »
Anti-skating a rotating record pulls the Cartridge towards the center of the Platter. Anti-skating counters that pull to prevent skating (duh!), reduce the wear of the record groove's inner wall and prevent sound distortion. Bar in 4/4 dance music, a group of four Beats, in which the... Full article »

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