The Craft

The DJ's craft is everything that goes beyond knowing your equipment and possessing the necessary technical skills. It begins when you graduate from your bedroom and start playing real gigs.

In this part of the website, I’m talking about how to break free of that bedroom confinement, the basics of DJ self-promotion and other useful things such as where to get the music, how to play warm up slots and much more.

In this section:

The biggest dilemma you’ll face when shopping for DJ gear is whether to buy vinyl turntables or CD decks (or to go for another kind of digital setup). The choice you make will in turn determine what music medium will dominate your music collection. To start off, here's a simple truth... Full article »
In this article, I'm going to tell you how I find out about new releases and where I buy my music from. Since I mainly play disco and soulful house, I may not know about specialist stores for trance or hip-hop DJs. Let me know if that's the case – I'll be glad to fill in the gaps... Full article »
If you are a CD DJ, chances are that you'll be buying the bulk of your music from digital download sites such as Beatport or Juno Download. Now, to be able to play those tracks on a club CD deck, you'll need to burn them onto CDs. In this guide, I'll go through the strategies and... Full article »
A mix burned onto a CD or put on the Internet can be very useful in promoting your DJ name. Your mix is your business card: it showcases your musical taste, technical skills and the ability to build an interesting set. Before you can start handing out your mix, however, you need to record one. Read... Full article »
After you’re done recording your mix (see part 1 of this mini-series), you’ll end up with either a WAV file containing the whole thing, or a number of tracks and transitions between those in separate files. Today, we’ll be doing some basic mastering of your recording in order to... Full article »
You've been practicing in your bedroom for a few months now, recorded several mixes and grown to feel pretty comfortable behind the decks. Time to get out there and start pitching yourself to the clubs! Granted, playing records at home keeps you safe and comfy, but it's only on a real... Full article »
Like most DJs, your club career will most probably begin with doing warm up slots. Playing for an empty dancefloor early in the evening may seem boring and uninteresting, but only at first glance. In fact, the warm up is a great school for the DJ, which like nothing else teaches them how to... Full article »


Hiiiii. ...... Friends can anyone tell me which is best Dj headphone between pioneer hdj 1500 and audio technica m50x. .......... I want to buy best dj headphone. ...... I was confused between this 2 headphone. ...Please tell me guy's. .........

Hey Rohit, if you want to get the "best" DJ headphones, take a look at HDJ-2000 or Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. There's more on choosing headphones in this article on DJing Tips.

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