Learn to DJ - DJing Tips

Learn to DJ

Why Proper DJ Skills Are Important
Why you need to learn special skills to DJ.
What Is Mixing?
DJ mixing explained.
Intro to Learning Beatmatching
Why beatmatching is an important DJ skill.
A Few Words on BPM Counters
What BPM counters are and why not to overly rely on them.
Beatmatching Lesson 1: Cueing Up and Starting the Record
How to cue up and start a record on a vinyl deck.
Beatmatching Lesson 2: Syncing the Beats
Getting the beats in sync using two copies of the same tune.
Beatmatching Lesson 3: The Game of Catch-Up
Learn to keep the tracks’ beats in sync when their BPM is different.
Beatmatching Lesson 4: At Last, Beatmatching
Beatmatching with two copies of the same record.
Beatmatching Lesson 5: Your Very First Set
Beatmatching one record after another with basic transitions between them.
How to Beatmatch Using CDs
How to cue tracks and beatmatch on CDJs.
Beatmaching the Pro’s Way: Riding the Pitch
How to keep the tunes in sync and beatmatch using just the pitch slider.
Track Structure
Beats, bars, phrases, and parts of a typical dance track explained.
DJ Mixing Step by Step
Making those smooth transitions between tracks.
How to Match Phrases
Getting your tunes' phrases aligned.
EQing for Killer Blends
How to use the mixer EQ during transitions.
Effects and Tricks to Spice Up Your Set
Mixer tricks to keep the dancefloor happy.
Backspins, Stops and Power-Offs
DJ tricks using a vinyl turntable.
Harmonic Mixing: Intro
Why mix harmonically.
How to Find the Key of a Song by Ear
Keying tracks the old-school way.
The Lazy DJ’s Guide to Keying Tracks
How to key your tunes with software.
How to Mix Harmonically
Building your set with the tunes' keys in mind.
The Basics of Keys
Keys, scales and tonics explained.